Thursday, 30 September 2010

Soulphiction Presents Missing Linkx-Got a Minute

Whilst the second of the Soulphiction presents Missing Linkx series didn't hit the height of it's predecessor, it was frankly, a thankless task. 'Who to Call' was one of my highlights of 2009, and was played to death from everyone with an ear towards soulful deep house and a nod to the legacy of St Germain. Only a couple of months ago, MCDE dropped it midset in Manchester. This release on Philpot, though more subdued, certainly works and I've recently hammered it after being tentative of listening due to potentially ruining the mastery of the 1st release. Apparently it's all recorded live! Soulphiction is quality, so I couldn't really expect anything less of this.

Soulphiction Presents Missing Linkx-Got a Minute

Monday, 27 September 2010

The Discowboys-At Midnight (Steve Bug Always Late Mix)

Was out in Manchester on Saturday at two clubs. First in Soup Kitchen at their new downstairs basement. Caught the end of a band then a DJ came on and 'with his first touch' he dropped this. Excellent tidy deep remix from Steve Bug on his own label Dessous Recordings. Went on to the Roadhouse for Hoya: Hoya. Slightly hazy once I got in there, I was very poorly on Sunday put it that way. Bug visits Fingerprint at Sound Control next month, unfortunately it clashes with a new night I'm involved in which I'll blog about later this week so for my own selfish purposes, no ticket link for Bug!

The Discowboys-At Midnight (Steve Bug Always Late Mix)

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hit It and Quit It

I find it quite easy to get into lost in the mire of radio shows, clubsets, podcasts on the internet. When you find or get told about a really fucking good one, you can only count yourself fortunate and probably a little smug. Was therefore happy to be made aware of Hit It and Quit It, a radio show/podcast from New Zealand run by Recloose of Dust/Cardiology fame and Frank Booker. It's so good I am quite prepared to spend all weekend listening to past shows through itunes and discover some serious gems.

Recloose has also announced that he will playing the clubnight Content in November at the Attic. Tickets here. Now I can't wipe the smug satisfaction off my face.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Thomas Meinecke and Move D-Work

Work was one of the more curious house full length releases of 2009. Move D in conjunction with Thomas Meinecke goes all crunk house, interspersed with spoken word and lots of hip hop heavy samples. The album begins with a sample from Ice T's Warning which sets out to offend and establishes the tone for the rest of the record (dirty low slut tramp bitch hole!). Bit of a change from the deep soulful sets or melodic techno tracks that we're used to. The video above is the track Bounce (together with spoken word intro). Check out my album highlight below.

Thomas Meinecke and Move D- (Time to) Work the Box

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

George Morel - Lets Groove

Where did this come from! An old school banger from George Morel.  There is a vocal version on Strictly Rhythm too released a couple of years later (and much easier to find too), but it's awlful, almost ruined this bangin' original. I guess DJ Sprinkles was right. 

George Morel-Lets Groove

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Superchunk-No Pocky for Kitty

I've got a certain soft spot for Superchunk. After I left school, nu-metal was starting to take hold of alot of people (including my friends) and the future looked bleak. I did grow up listening to Green Day, Bush etc. in the mid 90s but i was only 13/14. Fortunately I had over the course of school been influenced by an older sibling and his friends to look elsewhere. Superchunk were one of those bands I got into and when several years later in 2001 they toured their album Heres to Shutting Up, I quickly got some tickets. Unfortunately for Superchunk not many other people did. Only bout 40 people showed up to watch them in the Hop and Grape (now Academy 3). I enjoyed the gig though and was sad that they haven't released a new album since.

To my delight a new album Majesty Shredding has just been released. I am yet to purchase a copy but I haven't read a bad word about it. When payday hits I'll be getting it here. Today, I'd thought I'd share a fan's favourite from 1991, No Pocky for Kitty which is below.

Superchunk-No Pocky for Kitty

(Also check out this free mp3/flac download of a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg from Sunday Night here.)-Thanks to Folly of Youth.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Juan Atkins-Metroplex 1985-2005

The beginnings of techno plus plently of electro thrown in there for good measure. Must be Detroit week here at Widsbury towers. This is an amazing compilation.Was fortunate to see the 'godfather' at a free party at Carhartt Store in Manchester last year (he played the night meandyou later that night at Soup Kitchen but my wallet said no!). Up until that point, I'd only heard the odd tune but was well aware of his legendary status. Got my hands on this shortly after and was blown away. And now you should too.

Interesting article appeared in the Guardian earlier this year as the label celebrated it's 25th anniversary. Check it out here. There was also an excellent feature length documentary released a couple of years ago entitled 'Hi Tech Soul' with contributions from Atkins, Derrick, May, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig et al. Check it on google video here. Get on the music below.


Friday, 17 September 2010


It's been a while, but he's back in Manchester tonight and I'am fortunate to have got my hands on a ticket. It's at the Roadhouse, which is pretty small and its been sold out for ages. I can't wait. So, today I will share with you one of my favourite KDJ releases from way back in 1997, 'Amerika'. Detroit!


Moodymann-Amerika (Alternative Mix)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Mark E - Nobody Else

I cannot explain why I've never really given Mark E the time of day before. Cutloose of put him on in Manchester a couple of times but it just didn't happen. I just wasn't paying enough attention again. This is ace.

 Mark E-Nobody Else

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Fall-Your Future, Our Clutter

As part of the Planet North season on BBC4, last Friday we were treated to the 2005 documentary of The Fall: The Wonderful and Frightening World of Mark E. Smith. Catch if on iplayer here. It was a refreshing change to some of the other programs in the series, such as the desparately stereotyped The North on a Plate, Utter shite. I enjoyed the Rugby League night though, however I think a more worthwhile effort would have included another documentary/program etc. (such as the Great Britain DVD from 2005) instead of just replaying the 1978 Challenge Cup Final. For a better insight into The Fall and the'Wonderful and Frightening World' of the old bugger, read his book Renegade from a couple of years back. Its almost as if he's telling you the stories over a pint.

Anyway, away from the talking heads and to actual music. Their most recent release is below.

Your Future, Our Clutter (link taken down by request).

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Pride by Phosphorescent. An early autumn album, just to comfort you when the season starts to take to hold without notice. When the evenings grow ever darker and the leaves start to fall, dim the lights, plug your headphones in and spend a night listening to this.

He's got a new album out, I just missed another show in Manchester this week (I'm skint so that softens the blow). But you need to start here many times before you move on to his other records. You'll thank me later.


Saturday, 4 September 2010


Women. The most ungoogleable band name ever? I remember when I first got into The National they were a right bitch to find. Now you type them in and it's the first result you get. Anyway, was fortunate to catch Women at the Deaf Institute the other night. I even got the opportunity to sit at the back up the steps (could be treacherous after one too many!). I only actually got into them recently when I found a dusty copy of their self-titled debut album in my brother's album collection. My brother hadn't even listened to it. Then I couldnt get away from them; new album and tour announced then the track 'Woodbine' was on some bloody TV advert. After a short time of difficulty locating anything about them on the internet, I learned they hailed from Calgary, Canada. Calgary was a place I was fortunate to study in for a year as part of my degree a few years back. Unfortunately I didn't really get the opportunity to get immersed in the local music scene. It was often far more easier to stop in and keep warm or stay local, rather than hop on the C-Train into town on a Tuesday night to check out a gig where the temperature was around minus 15. But there was always plently going on round Campus which included two venues (think Manchester Academy 1 & 2) for bands such as Interpol, The Dears and endless amounts of metal and middle of the road shite. Also had a really good deal every Friday called 'that empty space' where local and touring acts would play a short set together with couches and cheap beers. Was usually a great way to start the weekend and of course fuck off your Friday afternoon lectures. Certainly a place to visit, even if its just a for a couple of days before you hit the slopes.

Before the gig I hadn't heard anything off the new album Public Strain. So I'll share with you my favourite track off their 1st album. Their new album is out now and you can pick it up from Piccadilly Records at mid-price on CD and vinyl here.  Enjoy your weekend.

Women-Shaking Hand

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Low Murderer 10"

Following their recent announcement of a brief UK tour this autumn, I thought I'd share some Low. This is part of a never completed 10" collection by film director Cameron Crowe originally released in 2003. The other two releases were from Sun Kill Moon's Mark Kozelek and a Japanese quartet called Mono who admittely I have never heard of. Like most of you I've seen Almost Famous and Singles, and was therefore aware Cameron Crowe took more than an interest in music and was previously a writer in Rolling Stone. What I didn't know he could be involved in releasing something so wonderfully raw and beautiful away from more traditional rock and roll, grunge, mainstream stuff etc he is more associated with (he is married to a member of the 80s ballad-based rock band Heart for fucks sake-(thanks wiki)).

Their tour somewhat surprisingly doesn't include a London date yet. Being settled up North, I'm settling for Leeds (though I'd quite happily attend them all of I had the funds and time). New album rumoured for next year too.

November 15th The Junction, Cambridge
November 16th Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
November 17th St. John The Baptist, Coventry

Get Tickets here

I also came across a strange story that Robert Plant has covered two Low songs, 'Monkey' and Silver Rider' to be included on his next album. These will I presume somewhat sit uncomfortably alongside stripped back blues/country selections from artists such as Chuck Berry. Saw him on BBC breakfast news this morning, unfortunately the presenter was more interested in his hair than his new record, daft cow. Both tracks are off Low's 2005 release The Great Destroyer. A version of 'Silver Rider' is part of the Murderer EP that is below. I wouldn't normally post a full release, however seeing this was limited to a very small supply (and your talking 60 notes on discogs); I've thought what the hell.

Murderer EP