Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Leif-So Long

More swedish house flavours for Walk into the Sea this time from Leif. New imprint Fina continues to impress with only it's second release (a third highly rated EP was released by Robert Rodriguez only last week) following a promising start from Australian deep house don Mic Newman. Proving that wasn't a flash in the pan, they've delivered once again with 3 deep heavy cuts and an outstanding and expected remix from Heidelberg deep master Move D. It moved pretty quickly, but I sincerely hope it's back in our stores soon as people need to get on it! Keep your eyes on the game with this label.

Preview this release below: -


  FINA 002 LEIF / Tell You Something by FINA RECORDS

  FINA 002 LEIF / So Long (Move D Remix) by FINA RECORDS

  FINA 002 LEIF / Bide The Time by FINA RECORDS

For people in Manchester, Leif pops in to join a free daytime party this Sunday brought to us by those trusted guys and gals from Tpot. After some excellent parties at the Space Terrace party last year; this time we find them at the basement of Cord from 1 all the way through till 10pm. Other people spinning on the day will by Inxec, Ruthit & Calor and Resident Binary DJ Lukubu cohort from Dirty Analogue, Jack Burling. Following the daytime partying they join in at the Cadenza party down at Sound Control.

To prepare yourself for the daytime vibes get on this excellent mix from Tpot resident Adam Proctor.

  Tpot Promo Mix - Adam Proctor (March 2011) by Proctarious

Have an excellent bank holiday weekend.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Affinity-Don't Go Away (Runaway Dub)

Timeless tunage here from 1983 straight out of the stables of Larry Levan and Paradise Garage et al. I was fortunate to recently discover it was still available at the normal going rate and not the prices that make my bank manager queasy on discogs and ebay. Fair to say I quickly snapped it up. ENJOY!

Affinity-Don't Go Away (Runaway Dub) (buy)

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Low-C'mon (Acoustic)

I've already plugged Low, one of my all time favourite bands on several occasions, and unshamedly Im going to do it again. Not being satisfied with releasing one the most heartfelt and beautiful albums of 2011 in C'mon earlier this month (and that it seems only Low are capable of), they were generous enough to include a 5 track acoustic bonus CD with every vinyl copy purchased. As I was one of the lucky few to purchase it from Piccadilly Records before it sold out, I thought I only right to share this wonderful addition on my blog and continue my Low-themed blog posts that often pop around the house and disco heavy tunes I often wish to share.

Low-C'mon (Acoustic) (link removed by request)

Try and catch em on their UK tour next month. C'mon!!!
Dates here.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Mark E-Stone Breaker

Last year, Midlands edit supremo and MERC label boss Mark E compiled selected tracks and edits for two volumes of Works 2005-2009. This gave the opportunity for many of his fans to obtain many of his most sought after tracks, either now more or less unobtainable (unless you have deep pockets) and introduce his unique style to new listeners. Certainly one listener was swayed as I made both volumes part of my favourite albums of 2010.

Also in 2010, Mark E found himself with a an assortment of new material that could have quite easily made it on several 12" releases. As many of these productions were a step away from his edits, the idea to create and release a full length album was born.

Stone Breaker on Ghostly International will be released in May and as special treat via FACT Magazine we are given a free extended track of the new album entitled 'Deny This' (get it here).

To celebrate the release he has also produced a Stonebreakin' Mix for London promotors WARM showcasing many of new material in one blinding mix. Enjoy over 90 minutes of deep bliss below.

  Mark E Stonebreakin' Mix by warmhq

As an added bonus you can preview one of my favourite Mark E releases from 2009. It's that good it doesn't even need a name.

Mark E-Untitled

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Wolf & Lamb Vs Soul Clap-DJ Kicks

Does anyone buy mix cds anymore? Are they even relevant with the internet available at our fingertips? The acclaimed DJ Kicks series by K7 records was out way before people even had a notion of creating a mix and putting it online (I remember buying my first DJ Kicks mix by Carl Craig-still kicks like a MULE!). Now we have access to hundreds of thousands of mixes available online from websites such as Resident Advisor, Soundcloud and. FACT. Soundcloud has even had the temerity over the last few years to make Myspace sound awlful (and even less relevant) with it's easy access and usage and superior sound quality.

However, you just can't beat a quality mix, whatever format you choose to access it through. Wolf and Lamb and Soul Clap have become hot properties of late, and with them being chosen to mix the next DJ Kicks series, it gave them an opportunity to showcase their mix of disco, funk, soul and hip-hop influences brought together for some serious stripped down slow sensual house music.

Using 27 tracks could be daunting to some who feel over the course of a 70 minute mix is too much 'fucking about' but this actually works in their favour as it really does display their ability as selectors, DJs and producers to create an excellent mix. I'm sure it is far more daunting to create a mix with money behind it than just tape one from a DJ set and bang it up on Soundcloud.

The mix has been available for a couple of weeks. Pick it up here.

Below is two of my favourite cuts off the release for your enjoyment and pleasure.

Nicolas Jaar-Can't See What Is Burning There

No Regular Play-Takin' U Back