Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bjorn Torske-Gullfjellet

Some lovely Scandinavian electronica on Smalltown Supersound for your Sunday from Bjorn Torske. A perfect accompaniment to your Sunday morning or your afternoon's post-roast coma.

Bjorn Toske-Gullfjellet (buy)

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Unknown Artist-Story 6

Some unknown artist mystery artist BS going down here. I heard the person behind Story Records was Cottam, whoever it is should own up and get the praise they deserve.  Story 6 from last year is a belter full of snappy organic beats and delightfully warm chords to compliment over it's three excellent tracks. With hordes of disco tinged house swarming the market, its often ones underneath the surface and hype that deserve the real attention. Wouldn't of sounded out of place on DJ Nature's album. God knows where you can still buy it. If you can find please part with your purse.

Unknown Artist-Story 6

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Brawther-Gsm's Life (MLIU Dub)

This track has been doing the rounds for a while. I'd forgotten all about it until a mate of mine included it in his radio show recently and then it popped up again on my ipod on Bicep's FADER mix during a rather miserable cycle to work. Quality house music. Shame the vinyl is unobtainable unless your immune to austerity. Brawther plays the excellent Manchester night Content at the end of the month. Check more about it here.

Brawther-Gsm's Life (MLIU Dub) (buy)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

DJ Nature-1970

The 'Nature Boy' got on a bit and all he left us with was 'Return of the Savage'.  Probably the best house/disco album of 2012. Landing a bit late for last years best of lists, many compared it (quite lazily in my opinion) to aspects of Moodymann/Theo Parrish due the fact he's lived stateside for 20 plus years, but for me it's just high quality dance music full of samples harking back to a time when the market wasn't so diluted with tired shit sounding like it was made on a crusty keyboard. As the Ransom Note magazine noted, 'this shit breathes'.

DJ Nature-1970 (buy)

The Bristol boy done good comes back for a home appearance this Saturday 16th March together with Felix Dickinson, Futureboogie DJs, Wolf Music DJs plus residents for a heavy night at Factory Studios. Get tickets here.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Aqua Bassino-A Mellow Key

I share with you today some lovely 90s French Touch by Aqua Bassino on F Communications. This can be heard on my old pal's Jwalk's mix which appeared on Balearic Social last weekend. Check out their soundcloud page for a great selection of mixes or tune in every Sunday morning from 8am-10am on Purple Radio for their weekly show.

Aqua Bassino-A Mellow Key (buy)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Torn Hawk-Tarifa

L.I.E.S. records' releases are now an event for some and most of the time disappear just as quickly as they arrive. Amid all the house and techno goodness they offer there's plenty of other shit going on, such as ambient weird shit like Torn Hawk's 'Tarifa' EP. Some of the more popular releases have been given a repress; with label head Ron Morelli endearing himself to the record buying public by ensuring any record stores charging overinflated prices for these re-releases would never stock L.I.E.S. records again. This is yet to get a repress yet. Many wait in hope.

Torn Hawk-Tarifa (buy)

Morelli, Steve Summers, Deloy Edwards (basically a who's who of the L.I.E.S. roster) come to Bristol for a proper takeover on 6th April at Take Five Café on Stokes Croft, Bristol. Organised by Idle Hands (and situated next door) this is a party not to miss. Tickets only available in store!!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Thurston Moore-Benediction

The coolest 50-something of rock surprised many with his mainly acoustic/bluesy-Beck produced album 'Demolished Thoughts' in 2011. It doesn't always have to be about noise. Beautiful.

Thurston Moore-Benediction (buy)