Thursday, 31 March 2011

New York City-Make Me Twice The Man (Cisco Cisco Rework)

Get on this free download from Apersonal Music which is a stunning balearic rework of New York City's Philly soul classic 'You Make Me Twice The Man'. Ever since the Spanish label's first release in autumn of last year, they have set out their stall with deep soulful and classic nudisco sounds from the likes of Trujillo, Eddie C and remixes from Mark E and Soul Clap. Their next release hits the shops in May. Get more info here.

Make Me Twice The Man (Cisco Cisco Rework) [apersonalfree002] FREE DOWNLOAD by Apersonal Music

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

May Day Steamin'

With the new financial year only a matter of days away we are faced with the impending doom of large public sector employment lay offs, pay freezes and wholesale benefit cuts. This is the goverments tactic to improve public confidence in our economy which will potentially lead to economic growth. Many things have contributed to us skewing our perception that our national debt is out of control and that cuts and a new age of Thatcher-like austerity is the way to tackle our 'problems'. Outbreaks of revolution in Egypt and Libya has turned heads and dominated the general public's notions of the value of defence spending and our Cosmopolitan role in the world. Heartbreaking natural disasters in Australia, New Zealand and worse of all Japan have created stories of heroism and focused many on charity to help the ongoing respective relief efforts.

Next month (and just at the start of May) we will be forced to take 4 bank holidays. Two are the traditional Easter holidays of Good Friday & Easter Monday. The following Friday we will all be given a day off to gaup at the television at the biggest pomp and ceremony celebration for 30 years when the boring and bald Prince gets married to some posh horsey type from Middle England.

The real celebration will take place just a day later however, with the now annual "MAY DAY STEAMIN'. This is a celebration of all is enjoyable in our pathetic little lives. A lovingly relaxing bike ride into the Cheshire lanes last year descended into downright chaos of beer-spilling, blood spilling and a rather poignant and symbolic attack on the main instigator behind the budget cuts and our new found misery; George Gideon Osborne. So forget the Easter Bunny, chocolate, and Nicholas Whitchell on a 24 hour Royal love-in. Get prepared for a steamin' ride round the beautiful Cheshire countryside. You may just survive.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Nicholas-The House of Disco Guestmix

Really lovely vibes here from Italian re-edit king Nicholas. He's been a busy boy with consistently excellent releases on No More Hits, On the Prowl and Kojak Giant Sounds.

This mix has been in my head for a few days. Made up entirely of his recent cuts, it really is perfect for the hazy spring sunshine we enjoyed this weekend, it's just a shame it's Monday...

Check out his Soundcloud page here.

Friday, 25 March 2011

The Institute of Unlimited Funds

The Institute Of Unlimited Funds from Nick Bowe on Vimeo.

Check out the first ever episode of  'The Institute of Unlimited Funds' from the talented and good looking knob Nick Bowe.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Genius of Time-Drifting Back

One of my favourite releases of the year to date. From the guys who brought you young prodigy Space Dimension Controller, Clone Royal Oak this time bring us young Swede Genius of Time. We are left with three deep house tracks of the highest quailty. From the KDJ inspired flavours of the title track to the subtle bliss of 'Houston We Have a Problem and finally finishing with 'Juxtapose'; a deep dubby number with a garage-house flavour, this is the house music of 2011. Fresh!

It's been flying out and selling out everywhere. I got my copy. Now purchase yours here.

Royal07 - Genius of Time - Drifting Back / Houston We Have A Problem by

Genius of Time-Drifting Back

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Gegenheimer-The Inner Path Stories EP

At the tail end of last summer, Ratio? Recordings invited Barcelona native Marco Gegenheimer to be the first artist to release a 12" release for the label. We were presented with two deeply beautiful atmospheric house tracks. The first track '214 (The IPS Prayer)' is a lush reflective deep number perfect for a mid-afternoon BBQ/Beach Party. The flipside 'Mystical Crossings' hits a bit harder, with a nice steady groove.

The press release made me laugh though.. "(its)...about the mystical crossings, paths and roads that one comes across in life. On the flip is all about the mystical and divine aspects of life". Anyway. Two wonderful tracks that I got hold of last year but didn't register at all when the end of year list was complied.

Preview the release here.

Buy it from Phonica at a reduced price on white label stamped vinyl here!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Damien Jurado

Upon reviewing his 2010 release Saint Bartlett, Pitchfork commented that Damien Jurado had been undone over the years by his own consistency. That may make it difficult for a new listener to have a starting point in an artists vast back catalogue; however as I have discovered over the past couple of years with Jurado and other artists, it certainly is satisfying when you discover music that you enjoy so much. He may be approaching album number ten, never mind the EPs and the collaborations he has contributed to, but his songs of loneliness, isolation, the breakdown of a relationship; all with a sense of time and place and poignancy reasonate throughout each release without the effects ever beginning to wane. Pitchfork have hit the nail on the head; he's consistently brilliant.

Just take a look at his recent session on NPR Music here. (you can download audio or the video via subscription to the podcast).

Give my two favourite albums of Jurado a listen below: -

Damien Jurado-Ghost of David (buy)

Damien Jurado-On My Way to Absence (buy)

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


It takes some audacity to cover a classic and make it work. Often it just ends in tears and disappontment that someone has gone and butchered a favourite tune of yours or a favourite artist of yours has made you ashamed to have them in your collection. But U.S. collective 'Gayngs' have not only reworked Godley & Creme's seminal 80s track 'Cry' into a stunning and refreshing modern version, they have even copied the bloody video. The contrast in haircuts is downright hilarious. In 25 years I propose a band does this again to show how stupid we look today, even though we just can't see it. Enjoy the tracks below.  

Godley & Creme-Cry (12" Extended Version)


Saturday, 5 March 2011

Freerotation Festival 2011

The initial line-up has been announced for this year's Freerotation Festival, once again taking place at Baskerville Hall in South Wales. A truly initimate festival which specialises in deep house, deep techno and bass music is a members only event, yet those members can invite new people to join and attend. Fortunately I've managed to wangle an invite for this year and have already prepared my body, ears and mind for a truly unforgettable experience. Some of the yearly regulars have been announced as residents this year and include Walk Into The Sea faves Move D and Soulphiction plus Shackleton, Tom Demac and more.

The guests include this year Fred P (Black Jazz Consortium), Levon Vincent, Efdemin, Sven Weisemann and Vince Watson for the house and techno heads, whilst for dubstep and bass music you can expect to catch Ramadanman, Peverelist and Ben UFO. More artists are set to be announced in the coming weeks and months.

Find out more at the official website here.

To celebrate this year's announcement, I thought I'd be nice and share some music from the artists to wet the appetite and convince you to somehow get an invite. Enjoy.

Move D-Cube

Black Jazz Consortium (Fred P.)-I Want That

Move D & Soulphiction-In the Limelight

Soulphiction-Whizzdom & Understanding

Efdemin-There Will Be Singing

Shackleton-Death is Not Final

Ramdanman-Don't Change For Me