Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pedro the Lion-Let Down

Pedro the Lion/David Bazan remains a favourite of mine, even more than ever before as the years roll by. Fortunately for me, and fellow fans in the UK, Bazan returns for a short visit early next year to perform mainly 'Pedro' songs, a name he retired back in 2006. It is to celebrate the ten year anniversary of his best selling album 'Control' and the rerelease of his previous albums on vinyl. Get Tickets here.

During his first European Tour back in 2003, like a giddy child I quickly snapped up tickets to see him play in Nottingham at the Rescue Rooms, long before a last minute show was announced in Manchester, in a long-defunct venue called Granby Row (opposite the hole that is 5th Avenue). Myself and a friend of mine, in the pub across the road waiting for the show to begin spotted him sat outside and quickly went and chewed his ear off about religion, bullshit and Radiohead amongst other things. Never afraid to take on a popular cover, I remember him finishing on the night with a blinding version of Radiohead's 'Let Down', which later featured on his Tour '04 EP which you can check out below.

Pedro the Lion-Let Down (buy)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Crooked Fingers-There's a Blue Light

Eric Bachmann is visiting our shores as we speak and it's high time I finally got to see him play live. He's played in Bristol already (where I will soon be located) and is playing a show at The Castle in Manchester early next month. Never been to a gig there but did see some local MCs spouting out all kinds of shit years ago whilst it was still a proper old man boozer, before it got bought by some guy out of Corrie. On each Crooked' album, theres always one or maybe two terribly sad songs; which through Bachmann's gravely voice makes me remember that this kind of music will always have that personal quality to me, something resonant that makes me think that a 4/4 beat could never achieve.

Crooked Fingers-There's a Blue Light (buy)

Monday, 19 November 2012

Guided by Voices-Learning to Hunt

Many moons ago (it might be about ten years ago), I won tickets to see Guided by Voices from the new 'Metro' newspaper at the Manchester Roadhouse. I'm pretty sure it was their farewell tour, anyway it was a very enjoyable show, even though I didn't really know lots of their material and got fairly drunk towards the end making my memory even hazier than it would be from such a long time ago. I always got a bit overawed by their back catalogue in my teens as Robert Pollard seemed to release an album every 5 minutes. They have some great songs though, such as this, the heartfelt 'Learning to Hunt' from 1997's Mag Earwhig!

Guided by Voices-Learning to Hunt (buy)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Rachel Sweet-It's So Different Here

Sweet and laid back vibe from the late 1970s, perfect for a grisly evening in East Manchester. If you fancy a more refined version, pick up Lexx's edit from a couple of years ago, very slick.

Rachel Sweet-It's So Different Here (buy)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Sandro Perri-Double Suicide

Walkmusic introduced me to this delightful but slightly morbid tale via his Goodhood Store mix from a few months back. As it turns out I had heard Sandro Perri before unbeknown to me when he colloborated with fellow Canadian folk group Woodpigeon. This is a track off his first full length, some of which had the remix treatment earlier this year from Slow Hands & Tom Croose.

Sandro Perri-Double Suicide (buy)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Verve-I See The Door

Awfully sad music from my youth. Even the cover is depressing. After 16 years of Tory rule, I'd be glum too.  My brother bought 'On Your Own' on CD single, from where this song is taken but its doubtful if he listened to it much as it was permanently in my collection, listened to too often really. Remember being a little obsessed by it all, learnt it on the guitar and everything. But then it was all comedown music apparently, and at 13 I hadn't learnt what that was then. The mid 90s, when EPs made the charts and B-sides meant something. A special time, for better for or worse.

The Verve-I See the Door (buy)

Friday, 9 November 2012

Cherie Lee-Love Me Or Leave Me (Club Mix)

More repressed New Jersey mid 90s deep garage goodness for your ears before you all get sick of the revival. Slow to Speak are once again involved, firing off plenty of good quality rare shit for people too young to have known.

Cherie Lee-Love Me Or Leave Me (Club Mix) (buy)

Friday, 2 November 2012

The Webb Brothers-The Liars Club

This song reminds me of many circles I've known. Plenty of partying, plenty of loving and, plenty of pain. Certainly prevalent when you often grow disillusioned with it all (or whatever scene you're supposed to be a part of-all bollocks to be honest). This album details one big epic comedown with track names such as 'Powder Pale', 'Low Grade', 'All the Cocaine in the World'. However, none hits the spot more than the opening track with its tale of endless partying always on the cusp of despair. "you'll give yourself away, and everyone will see that your unhappy". Have a good weekend.

The Webb Brothers-The Liars Club (buy)