Monday, 29 November 2010

Space Dimension Controller-Temporary Thrillz

Space Dimension Controller. I certainly wasn't one the ball with this guy. The ridicuously young man from Belfast had apparently throughout 2010 (and even in 2009) cemented his own unique sound within a burgeoning sub-genre of electronic music inconveniently labelled with a large question mark. Part deep house, funk, downbeat electronica and everything else, it wasn't a surprise to hear such variety after listening to his recent eclectic but excellent Resident Advisor podcast. I then realised I had guestlist to see him at the meandyou night at Soup Kitchen in Manchester last month but passed because I hadn't heard of him and I was 'tired'. Bugger. I should of known meandyou don't let you down (Move D next month!!). His excellent EP 'Temporary Thrillz' has been re-released this week and you can preview the release below. Pick it up from Piccadilly Records here.

Space Dimension Controller-Temporary Thrillz EP

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Low Live at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds.

Forget about The Who Live In Leeds. I've got something much better than that. Ahead of a brand new release next year, Duluth Kings Low (Bob Dylan moved away!) played a handful of gigs to three fortunate cities earlier this month. The gigs in Cambridge, Leeds and Coventry were a welcome return of a band who hadn't played in the UK for almost two years when they visited for two Christmas specials in both London and Manchester. I booked my tickets to Leeds instantly and after the show I began to regret I'd not attended all three. In an intimate setting at the Brudenell Social Club on the outskirts of the University District, seemed like a strange venue for Low, but it was lovely and the sound was suprisingly excellent from what is essentially an old working men's club.

The memories of the gig still remain quite clear, however due to a truly wonderful individual my memory will be forever reminded as an mp3 recording of the show has surfaced on the internet. Even if you have never heard any Low (say bar Little Drummer Boy on a GAP advert years ago), this recording is highly recommended and reasonable quality (except for some mid-set conversation). Not to be missed.

Low-Live in Leeds

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

World War III

It’s hard to imagine another war ever being given the unenviable title of ‘World War III’. Unfortunately an abundance of them have come and gone since 1945 and many continually persist over decades in ‘far-away’ lands (despite widespread press ignorance) that have ‘merited’ the title. During one of these wars in 1999 in Kosovo, we have learned this week that a greater war; a world war; essentially ‘WORLD WAR III’ was averted due to the moral judgement of one young British officer named James Hillier Blount.

Better known now as James Blunt (see what he did there), Blunt was at the head of a column of 30,000 NATO troops where he was ordered to seize Pristina airfield. However the Russians had beaten him to it.  Despite the General’s insistence to take the airfield and overpower the Russian military his British General blocked the order from his American counterpart saying “I’m not going to have my soldiers be responsible for starting World War III”.  Even though Blunt did not directly refuse the order by the American General, he has stated on a recent interview on BBC Radio 5 live, he would have flatly refused the order, potentially risking a court martial. He pointed to the ‘moral importance’ that was instilled in him as a soldier to explain his viewpoint.

So the stories that we have read about James Blunt, (the one who in his post army-days bludgeoned the eardrums of millions with his 2004 hit single ‘You’re Beautiful”) being responsible for preventing a war to rival the two ‘World Wars’ in scale; pain; and suffering are bollocks.  My cynicism may be overwhelming but the timing of the news story is a little too convenient. Blunt has just released his new album (I don’t know or care what it is called). Yes he has to promote his album. Yes this will include interviews with all kinds of media outlets. However releasing a ‘bombshell’ (excuse the pun) such as this promotes the free advertising Blunt and his record label craves surrounding his release. This could be via twitter, facebook, news websites and stupid little rants by bored at work bellends with only a hangover and the internet to keep them company. This is all in addition to the ridiculous exposure stars such as Blunt gain from the media.

His new album is also strategically timed for the Christmas market. What will all those useless husbands get their frustrated wives? We know the usual; perfume, jewellery (that they have given approval on) and never ever clothes. The release of Blunt’s album (and that of Take That) gives them a get out of jail free card when rushing around the shops on the last few shopping days of Christmas thinking what the hell they can get their partners. Releasing Best Ofs and Greatest Hits is a common big record labels ploy at Christmas; an easy way to make big money rehashing and repackaging music those fans of will already own in one format or another. Popping to the shops to purchase the Greatest Hits of Westlife or the new James Blunt album is simply an easy way out to avoid the inevitable disappointed look on your wife’s face; when you get to Christmas morning and have fuck all to give. Least it shuts them up for a bit. However, if I had the unfortunate task of either buying my partner a James Blunt CD and having to listen to it or being nagged at for buying shitter presents than that (or no presents at all), I’d take the nagging every time. Beats his weak wanky posh voice.

Blunt may consider himself a hero or be considered a hero by his former general and fellow soldiers. He may also be a hero to his many fans which I can only presume consist of bored housewives, bad golfers, and fans of middle of the road manure (see Dave Matthews Band, Maroon 5, Scouting for Girls et al). Even if he had saved an alien invasion, cured cancer, discovered an endless amount of natural resources or funnelled part of his extreme wealth into my own bank account, there would NEVER be any excuse to buy or listen to his music. You could say it's a shame World War III didn't happen, because with Blunt being on the frontline there would have been a possibility he would have met his grisly end on the battlefield therefore never 'blunting' our ears with his tepid, emotionless bullshit.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Derby Day

You Better Be Tuning In (or lucky enough to be in the away end)

Monday, 8 November 2010

Binary Party #2

After the success of the first Binary Party in October, it's about time we had another one. This time we've managed to secure the services of Manchester's own BE. After emerging with the hypnotic disco/house groove of 'Nocturnal Jam' on one of Chicago's premier house labels, Still Music in 2007, BE has continued to impress with a succession of quality releases on a wide variety of labels. His tune 'Pass it On' released under Mancunian label Development in September has been getting props throughout and has been supported by people such as Recloose. Only last month he graced Italian imprint Neroli with the second in a series of 12 inches prepped to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Juno were mightly impressed: -

"The real gold however is nestled on the B Side, with "So" from Mancunian Be (Prime Numbers/Wolf Music) a heaving mass of Detroit influenced brilliance which locks into a Rhodes heavy and delightfully soul flecked groove midway through"
Pick it up here.

He will be joined by Resident Binary expert LUKUBU aswell as residents.

Get on down.

ARCADIA, 84 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester, M4 5BG.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

Andre Crom & Luca Doobie-Attica EP

The title track of this EP is probably as cheesy you can get in deep house circles before you land yourself in mediocrity. Even if you aren't a fan of this track, the keys breakdown will certainly makes you smile. This came out in 2009 but past me by, however I was fortunate to hear within a recent house mix by Juan Maclean for It was with no real surprise this was a release on Freerange. Jimpster's label rarely disappoints with solid release after release with no fuss. The B Side by dutch newcomer Makam may take a bit of time to get going, but's a beauty, more for the summer beach bar than for the new found darkness of winter. Not shared any HOUSE MUSIC like this for a while or even at all anyway, so balls to it.  Enjoy. 

Andre Crom & Luca Doobie-Attica

Monday, 1 November 2010

Carly Simon - Why (12" Mix)

What an absolute classic this is. The full 12" version as it deserves be listened to. Can't believe this song is as old as me. Relatively new label Surround Sounds along with Joey Negro released only last week a stunning rework of it. Hot Toddy of Crazy Penis has been awarded remix duties, with no less than 3 separate different excellent versions together with a mix by Negro himself. Pick it up from Piccadilly Records here. The previous release from Surround Sounds was also superb. Keep it up!

Carly Simon-Why?