Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Moby Grape-I'm Not Willing

I sometimes fail to understand what draws me to these kind of songs. Maybe it's the painful reality (the subject matter here is Peter Lewis' divorce); however I'd like to think it's the beauty.

Moby Grape-I'm Not Willing (buy)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hot Coins-The Damage is Done

When I was first asked to review music several years ago, I quickly hated pigeonholing artists under a particular style or genre. I understand that people's perceptions of an artist are grounded on what music they release and this builds an expectations for future releases, however I try to voice my opinion on the music itself, rather than on any pre-built conceptions. Unfortunately like anything, music has an image, a face and if that is compromised, people become skeptical. It's refreshing that some artists don't give one solitary shit about these pitfalls and follow their own path and do what their passionate about.

Red Rack'em (Danny Berman) has been producing high quality house music for a number of years most notably on his own Bergerac label, which especially pack a refreshing wonky workout to the dancefloor away from generic deep house and the recent 90s revival.  As Hot Coins he's back with an altogether new project with a full band an a homage to music that he's passionate about; that of the cross-pollunation of scenes in the late 70s and early 80s which included bands such as Devo, Yellow, Shriekback and Gang of Four.

'The Damage is Done' in style and ambition isn't necessarily what other artists are releasing, but since when did that matter? It's self-confessed personal project and shouldn't worry about pandering to anybody. The album's scope is ambitious but it starts on a relatively quieter note. On 'Geek Emotions', Berman utilises City Hayes on vocals in a tale of the underdog, whilst on 'The Only Way' he outlines his desire to do things on his own terms, both in content and in style. He also for the first time (correct me if I'm wrong) applies his vocals, which continues throughout most of the album.

On 'Freestyle Lover' he applies the funk for a steady uptempo groove, which continues on 'Confined' which really wears it's influence on it's sleeve with it's unrelenting bassline, reminiscent of Gang of Four-albeit without their socialist backdrop.

My favourite side of the album is the last, with three mainly instrumental tracks. This is where the album moves more towards the party side of the movement, especially on 'Blizzard'. It's like he just can't help himself to get down and boogie. 'I Ching' wouldn't sound out of place on People's Potential Unlimited, modern boogie for modern times. This I highly suspect will be a major part of their impending live performances. Their debut live show will be in his adopted home city of Berlin at Salon Zur Wilden Renate on Saturday 16th February. On top of the band, the supporting cast is a stellar lineup including Hunee, JG Wilkes (Optimo), Ron Basejam and Toby Tobias. For more info check out the RA Event page here. 

For clips and a podcast to celebrate the release, please see below. BUY the album from herehere, and maybe here.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Moon B-Freshness

Moon B has appeared out of nowhere of late showcasing his love of boogie and more conventional 4/4 all wrapped up in a warm fuzzy glow. His Test Pressing LP on People's Potential is a great addition to their label and compliments earlier releases, especially the Uku Kutt retrospective which I picked up last year. With another EP also just hitting the shops right now, albeit more from a deep house angle he's certainly one to watch out for.

'Freshness' featured on Australian balearic radio show 'Noise in Your Head' recently and it hasn't left my stereo since. I don't think it has or will be released anytime soon.

Moon B-Freshness 

Pick his new album and EP up here and maybe here and definitely here. 

Friday, 1 February 2013

Motor City Drum Ensemble-Space Cadets

After a bit if a burnout, MCDE when all quiet in 2012. However you can't keep a good man down and 2013 he will be back with a bang. 'Space Cadets' which came out on !K7 helped plug any gap created when released last year. Top draw house music as ever from Danilo Plessow.

Motor City Drum Ensemble-Space Cadets (buy)