Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Yvette Michele-Everyday and Everynight (WalkMusic Edit)

I'm proud to present another beautiful re-edit from West Didsbury's own Walkmusic. Unsurprisingly it's a track that may have passed you by in the mid 90s upon it's release, however it's re-imagined into a lovely mid-tempo groove here. Once again this in Wav. file format so it's high on quality as well as content. Grab it below.

Walkmusic also popped up with a podcast entitled 'The Low Life Elite' for the acclaimed balearic beats and lifestyle site Expect more imaginative arrangement and beautiful eclectic vibes. Give it a listen and visit the site here.

Walkmusic will also be heading down for the first Soundwaves Project in a couple of weeks in St Agnes in Cornwall. More info soon!!!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Top Ten Tracks November

As the winter tries to draw in and the festive bullshit begins in earnest, here's my top ten tracks for November. Time pending, I hope to begin compiling my top lists for 2011 very soon, so therefore there won't be a top ten for December on the blog, even though there will be one in my head.

1. Nick Holder-Feelin' Sad (buy)

House of the highest order. Getting repressed apparently.

2. Norma Jean Bell-Love's Got It's Hook In Me (buy)

Late 90s, Kenny Dixon Jr. jazzy house vehicle. Ace.

3. Iron Curtis-Goma (buy)

The epitome of the disco-infused deep house sounds of 2011, this time on Kolour.

4. Shoebox-Falling in the Right Place (buy)

Mystery 4 track EP recently dropped that I just love to bits, with 'Falling in the Right Place' as my highlight.

5. System Status-Downtime (buy)

  System Status - Downtime by daverendle
Soothing disco beats on Untracked from last year.

6. L J Reynolds-Trust in Me (buy)

Modern Soul beaut from the year I was born. 

7. Damien Jurado-Nothing is the News (pre-order-free download from official site)

New Jurado once again (this is never a bad thing) and it's a lovely taster of what's to come. A full band dynamic is what's in store for his latest release.

8. Other Lives-Tamer Animals (buy)

I missed the boat for most of this year with Other Lives. Good recommendation from the boys at Folly of Youth and after a few listens I was sold. Reminds me of the best of Midlake.

9. Bjork-I Miss You (buy)

I now reside in a house with every Bjork record imaginable. Revisted Post recently and forgot all about 'I Miss You'. Just wonderful.

10. Crooked Fingers-Sad Love (buy)

Sad, sad music about the demise of a relationship from Eric Bachmann of Archers of Loaf fame.  Lyrics are just beautiful...

"What's meant to be has fallen through
Is running through your veins
An evil kind of bloodless pain
Is creeping through the cracks that swell
To swallow you up into Hell
To shatter all that you believed
And let your lonesome heart be free"

Monday, 21 November 2011


Over the last few years German label Mojuba have brought us some of the deepest house sounds (mainly before the 'deep house' penny dropped) from a wide range of respected artists, including Sven Weisemann, Nick Sole and Stereociti. I only really cottoned onto the label earlier this year and have done some digging around and found some seriously good house music. A standout highlight is this 2008 release by Oracy.

The A side and title track 'Rewound' is deep Detroit techno at its finest with minimal shuffle throughout before a energetic synth workout attempts to show it's worth to the dancefloor. On the flip we have 'Hold On', dancefloor deepness of the highest order. It's steady bassline and repetive male vocal gives the track a hynoptic like quality; if you're lucky to hear it out anyime soon, I very much doubt you'll leave the dancefloor.Excellent stuff.

Oracy-Rewound (buy)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mano Le Tough-In My Arms

Been getting into alot of stuff out of Future Times and the like recenty. Most 4/4 has been not doing it for me of late to be honest. However I'm loving the dreamy and atmospheric sound of these kinds of releases which have so much more going on than your standard house/techno of late and all at the same time, still worthy of any dancefloor I want to be on.

Prins Thomas's label Internasjonal hasn't let us down either in 2011. Already we've been treated to  a stunning Mark E remix of DJ Ageishi & Ackin's 'Rain Parade' and this week drops Discodrome's 'Build A House' featuring remixes from Prins Thomas and Tensnake.

Arguably the label's finest release of 2011 has come in the shape of Irishman Mano Le Tough's 'In My Arms' 12".  The title track is a sombre, reflective but strangely upbeat piece of beautiful electronic music.The B-sides aren't bad either, 'Dropping Bombs' is a electronic house chugger with swirls of other worldy shit going down. On the flip we have ten minute epic 'Those Lights Are Lives', which like the whole EP has a hynoptic like quality to it, with the capacity to take you away from the grey skies for a short but worthwhile interlude.

Mano Le Tough-In My Arms (buy)

Friday, 4 November 2011

Moomin-The Story About You

I'm a sucker for slightly understated deep house music. So it's no surprise that I've enjoyed several of German Moomin's releases of late. It's also no surprise that his melodic, warm deep house sounds find themselves on Smallville for the release of his debut album 'The Story About You'.

I got told recently by an artist (they will remain nameless) that the record labels press officers completely made up the press blurb about one of his 12" releases and he had no idea what they were on about it (it involved stars/beaches/heaven etc etc etc). It seems that this might have happened again with this release. Whilst I understand and appreciate the 'magic' of house music, sentences such as "Real House Music is only possible within a soulful surrounding" make me want to find a bucket. Maybe I'm just a cynical old bastard, but I think words (ironically like this) often don't do the music justice, and when attempting to get the message across, you can be left with sentences representing what the writer thinks sound good or relevant.Try to stick to the music, and just read my blog in the future!

Anyway, this album is highly recommended. It contains the majestic 'Watermelon' which was on his 'Spare Time' EP from earlier this year. It might even suprass Stereociti's effort in deep house artist album of the year, and that would be quite some feat. 

Moomin-The Story About You (buy)